Mirrored, photo performance exhibition 10-21 March 2021, MUU Helsinki Contemporary Art Centre

Happy to announce I am part of this group exhibition.

Mirrored is curated exhibition from entries received in an open call and screened by a jury. It features works by 50 artists from 15 countries.

MUU Helsinki Contemporary Art Centre
Cable Factory, Tallberginkatu 1 C, Helsinki, Finland
Tue–Fri 12–17, Sat–Sun 12–16

All performance artists have a special relationship with themselves and their body. As a medium, the body becomes a tool for examining oneself and one’s subject matter. In photo performances where there is no live audience, the artist is free to experiment and alter the approach.

Mirrored is curated from entries received in an open call and screened by a jury. It features works by 50 artists from 15 countries.

The exhibition consists of photographs in which the artist engages in a dialogue with the camera. Some of the works have a narrative or serial structure, others are freestanding images devoid of any storyline. Alternatively, a story may be concealed in the moment of exposure, or it can first come into being in the viewer’s imagination.

The pictures contain joy and fun, austerity and generosity, predetermination and randomness. For the artist in front the lens, the camera is an ally: it records without passing judgment. The artist’s presence and charisma are enough – a simple gesture in its context can reveal deeper meanings and levels.

The exhibition includes both classics from earlier years as well as never before exhibited new work.

Spring News

I am very happy to announce I received three year funding from the Finnish Cultural Foundation. In my project funding application, I described my plans with the working title Private body and movement language as a performance (in a public space). It gives some hint of whereabouts my thoughts are, as well as in which direction I am aiming to go.

The original plan was to start to work in the beginning of April. Due to all the stress this weird corona situation has given (including postponing me returning to Belgium from already extended period of time being in my home country Finland, re-organizing my plans), I decided to postpone the start of the project by one month. May it will be!

Saying that, now when we are reaching the middle of April, I realized, I have actually started working. During this social isolation, I have kept myself busy with different online dance classes, movement meditations, physical lectures and alike. I wrote to Cultural Foundation: the ’theory’ of some of the projects I am planning to work with are based on to the different free dance and somatic practises. So indeed all these 5Rhythms sessions, Gaga People classes, Six Viewpoints try-outs, contemporary dance workshops done in a solitude of my temporary home are first steps towards something new.

At the Finnish Cultural Foundation’s annual celebration on 27th February 2020