I am a Finnish visual artist based in Brussels and Helsinki. I work mostly with video, photography and performance. Alongside my visual practice, I work as a freelance writer focusing on contemporary art, visual culture, dance and live art. I do also occasionally work as a teacher, lecturer and give workshops.

This is my online portfolio emphasizing my most recent works. Many of them have been connected to my practice-as-research project (I was awarded a PhD 2016) in which I was focusing on the questions of the painterly on lens-based art practise, autobiography/ biography / historiography. For the latter, I made a research of writings by and about three artists from the past: Gwen John, Helene Schjerfbeck and Virginia Woolf.

Since PhD project I have moved towards movement and body based art works. That has always been part of my interests as an artist, but now I am delving more deeply into it. I am keen to see what ‘concepts’ such as choreography, movement, somatic dance brings to my visual art practice. The painterly is still something that stays with me. It is a mental visual framework, and philosophical concept, when working on new art works.

This site includes a blog whereI’ll post upcoming events and exhibitions, as well as glimpses to my works in process, thoughts about subjects of different kind of interests, maybe some odd critique-like writings of what I’ve seen.

You can contact me eeva-mari(at)